Luthiers and Dealers

Luthiers & Dealers

When you need a bow re-hair or something fixed on your violin, you want to take or send it to someone who knows what they’re doing!  It’s generally not a good idea to take a structural repair or a bow re-hair to any large chain dealer or simple mom and pop all-in-one music store. They will not be able to serve you correctly and will mark up the price because they won’t be able to do it in-house. They will have to sub the work out to one of the local luthiers.


To save you time and money, I have compiled a list of trusted and reasonable luthiers and dealers in the area. I’ve also included others I trust and recommend outside of Hampton Roads. When you contact them, let them know I referred you and suggest they call me if they have any questions about your situation.

Hampton Roads Locations:

Outside Hampton Roads: